About the JerUSAlem Design

The JerUSAlem design was conceived by Leonard Brockman, a Christian businessman, who has spent many years working with the indigenous peoples of Panama. When he came up with the design, he commissioned a Panamanian Kuna artist to create the design as a Mola. 

Molas are the most famous type of art produced in the country of Panama. The Kuna women have been sewing these works of art for years. They incorporate them into their clothing, usually with one mola serving as the front of the blouse and another on the back. The mola is often described as a reverse appliqué. For each color of cloth that you see there is a piece of cloth of that color sewn into the mola. Each mola is hand stitched with thousands of stitches. The theme of the mola is determined by the imagination of the artist. You can see other mola designs at www.traderbrock.com

Now this beautiful and meaningful design is available as artwork in a number of items here on this website. Shop Now